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General Condition of sale - ALPESBLACKCAB - ANNECY

ALPESBLACKCAB - ANNECY - General Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale

Terms of Sale

Provision of vehicles with driver (VTC)


Preliminary Article: Definitions

Client: natural person or legal person who booked the provision for its own account or on behalf of a beneficiary and which remain in all circumstances responsible for obligations under this contract.
This term includes the client himself, his guests just as his agents.

Provision: Provision of a vehicle with a driver as provided both as contract terms and conditions.

Booking: firm and final commitment of the client prior to the conclusion of the Services contract, more precisely defined in Article 3.

Company: Company called Alpesblackcab, sasu capital to € 1500
819 538 026 RCS Annecy registered

Vehicle transport car with driver within the meaning of applicable regulations employed in the administration of the service on behalf of the client.

Chauffeur individual authorized to drive the vehicle, held a license valid and a professional driver card issued by the prefecture.

Article 1: The service provided by Alpesblackcab company, as regulated by articles of the Tourism Code, is a provision to the customer of a vehicle, inseparably attached the services of a driver. Are particularly well included in the services, without prejudice to the options set with the client:

The vehicle as made available to the customer,
The availability of a driver of a business card holder,
Insurance of persons transported,
Kilometers and time determined during the booking and/ or when the contract is concluded customer baggage transport, a maximum of 1 suitcase or bag per person with a maximum weight of 20 kg, except express agreement of the company, in the event of excess baggage, the company reserves the right to refuse the transport.
The cost of tolls and parking (subject to waiting under the contract)

Not included in the Service:

Telephone or computer communications (Internet, etc.) sent or received through telecommunication tools of the vehicle and/ or driver
The meal of the driver in case of service during meal times.
This service is subject to specific pricing available at the headquarters of the company

1.2 Time and place of performance of the services
Unless otherwise agreed previously arrested by the parties, the benefit starts at the date and time stated in the contract from the Vehicle parking place.
It ends at the date and time to return the vehicle to the place of departure. The extent and cost of the benefit were freely determined between Alpesblackcab company and the customer prior to the execution of the service.
On the signed contract, they are voucher transport signed at the management, sms or email confirmation exchanged (for paperless trade documents) by both parties prior to the completion of the service.

Article 2: Price and Terms of Payment

2.1 The prices in our Rates include VAT at the rate set by the regulation for transport services. They may be modified without notice.

2.2 All services must be booked in writing under the conditions referred to in article 3 below, with full payment of the price of the proposed Services. The price of the service is payable in Euros prior to the execution of the Service. Accepted payment methods are cash (Euros) in compliance with the regulations applicable to this type of payment, checks, bank transfers, bank cards of VISA or MASTERCARD network.
When paying by check, the service will begin after recognition by the company of proper collection of the check and the resulting provision. In all cases, the customer, who signed the booking is responsible for the payment of the service.
Any additional services will be charged by the company. By express agreement, any pricing unit (hour, kilometer, etc.) started is due. The route chosen will be defined according to the criteria of "fastest route" by the vehicle navigation software or an alternative route in case of difficult traffic condition without charge for the customer with his verbal agreement.

2.3 A deposit, the amount of which is freely determined by the company may be requested prior to the customer at the beginning of the execution of the service. This deposit will be paid under the same terms as those referred to in 2.2 above, except that the check is not accepted. The company may require that the deposit be paid by two bank cards such as described above. It will be returned to the customer after the execution of the services, less the cost of any damage to the vehicle.

2.4 An invoice will be issued to the customer after delivery, or by mail or email, indicating the price of the service and its components, and the rate of VAT applicable.

Article 3: Reservation

3.1 Reservation: Any service should be subject to a reservation, minimum 30 minutes, this condition apply only in the context of service "door to door" or specific request from us.

For other requests, reservations must be made no later than 36 hours before the start of the service. It must be done by the Customer or by a duly authorized representative.

3.2 When booking, essential mentions are:

The place of performance of the Service
The number of passengers and the name (s) and contact details of the beneficiary (s) of delivery if it is different from those of the Customer
The flight number
The time and address of the pick-up charge
The destination
The number of lugages
The presence of children, special equipments

After confirmation by the Customer of his application for service and the total payment, the company address him in return by email or sms, a voucher summarizing information related to the delivery. Customer is responsible for checking the information in the reservation form. If it is impossible for the Company to send by email or sms (address or phone number: incorrect or unreachable), or the unanswered amending the said reservation form, the reservation is presumed to meet the customer demand.

3.3 Any cancellation of reservation must be notified 36 hours before the start of the service. A default and some causes whatsoever, the amount of the service will be payable, as fixed and fixed penalty.

3.4 Conditions of the driver waiting, it is the responsibility of the Client to provide the necessary time to his movements, potential hazards, and must be observed punctuality of appointment.

The driver can't wait more than 10 minutes during the treatment. After this time, without notice to the customer, the driver is released from its obligation to transport and considers the booking canceled and will be charged in full.
When called the customer to announce a delay and maintaining the transfert, the price of 1 euro per minute of waiting will be added to the price of the service subject to the availability of the new desired time slot.
As part of an airport or train station transfer, franchising the waiting time is 20 minutes, beyond the price will be 5 euros per 10 minutes.

Article 4: Terms of Use

4.1 The company requires its employees a duty of care and a good family man in driving the vehicle. Consequently, the driver must comply with the various regulations on the movement of vehicles and ensure, as part of the execution of the Services, to take steps to preserve the good conservation of the Vehicle and its occupants safety.

In this way, the Driver expressly reserves the right to refuse any instructions and / or requests of the Customer that he would consider as being likely to endanger the vehicle preservation and/or its occupants safety.

4.2 The number of authorized passengers (including the driver) is the one appearing in the technical characteristics of the vehicle. There can never be exceeded.

4.3 Damages of any kind caused to the vehicle and / or other vehicles (for example, during the accidental opening of the doors) will be the customer's responsibility unless it is demonstrated that they come because of a third. Can be considered as Third, the occupants of the vehicle, the employees, suppliers and guests of the Client.

4.4 The transport of animals is prohibited unless prior authorization duly mentioned on the contract.

4.5 It is strictly forbidden to smoke or consume alcoholic beverages or narcotics inside the vehicle.

Article 5: Non-compliance -Case of emergency - Limitation of Liability - Termination of the service due to the Customer's behavior.

5.1 If the company is unable to provide the vehicles expected in the contract, the payment will be refunded, unless both parties agree on the provision of another vehicle.

5.2 The company reserves the right not to execute the delivery in case of emergency t such as disruption of roads, weather, event, accident, force majeure case, because a third part or any event that may present a risk to the customer, his guests, servants, the driver or the vehicle.

In this context, the total or partial failure of the delivery shall not give rise to any compensation by the customer.

5.3 The company is not bound by any lugage holding obligation or any other objects, goods, clothing, effects, etc. left in the vehicle during and after the Service. The luggage and its contents remain the responsibility of the customer. The company can not be held responsible for  any damages and / or loss of luggage or during loading or transportation for an amount exceeding 1,000 euros.

5.4 The compagny will not be disturbed or involved if the driver stops the execution of the service in case of wounding or insulting behavior towards him and/or the case when customer or its guests, employees and service providers, have a proven state of intoxication or consumption of narcotics.

5.5 The company shall not be disturbed, or sought for damage caused in the event of the vehicle delay unless the customer can prove that the fault is the driver's.

5.6 The company will not be held responsible for late or missed appointment due to incomplete or not specified address and will not give rise to any compensation. The customer shall provide the time needed for transport and  develop it according to potential risks of traffic as well as control all the information on the reservation form.

Article 6: Applicable Law, of domicile, Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions and the Contract are written in French which will prevail over all translations in several languages.

Any complaint is admissible only if it is expressed by letter addressed to the office of the Company within eight days after the date of the Service. French law is applicable.
All disputes concerning the interpretation and / or accomplishment of these will be the responsibility of the Commercial Court of Annecy.

The access to our services causes a whole and unreserved acceptance of our Terms of Sale.



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